Lisa Raffin, SunBug Solar

“There is a real need for a consumer-friendly solar financing solution, one that helps homeowners make solar energy their own great investment.  Sungage brings it!”

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Sungage FinancialLisa Raffin, SunBug Solar

Jon Child, PV Squared

“It is great to have a partner that gets what we do and is completely focused on the business of financing PV systems owned by the homeowner” 

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Sungage FinancialJon Child, PV Squared

Josh Ross, Ross Solar Group

“We love working with Sungage. Their financing has become our go-to and has helped us increase conversion rates. They make it easy.” 

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Sungage FinancialJosh Ross, Ross Solar Group

Brendan Smith, Sunlight Solar

“What I like most about Sungage is their clear communication with homeowners and us as the solar contractor.  They make solar finance easy for everyone.”

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Sungage FinancialBrendan Smith, Sunlight Solar