Closing More Sales with Sungage’s Five Year Solar Loan

With continued high costs of acquisition and a slower flow of leads over the last year in the solar industry, we know that even small increases in close ratios can make a big difference to our partners. Most solar installers close two sales for every ten consultations. Closing just one more can move the needle quite a bit! One tip we’ve seen work again and again to improve close rates is mastering the sale of our five year loan.

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Sungage FinancialClosing More Sales with Sungage’s Five Year Solar Loan

3 Ways to Apply for Credit with Sungage

We know every solar sale is different, and our new credit application process offers flexibility and support for a variety of situations. With our platform we can help you create a seamless in-home process from application to approval to loan closing and beyond.

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Sungage Financial3 Ways to Apply for Credit with Sungage

Solar + Roofing: The Keys to Success

Sungage knows that the solar sale can be a complex process. From qualifying leads, to collecting utility bills, to getting a signature on the dotted line – a salesperson will want to keep things as simple as possible and maximize savings for their customer.

However, an aging roof can introduce headaches and hurdles into a solar purchase. A new roof will increase the sticker price, but it’s deepest impact may be an emotional one as homeowners feel nervous about adding complexity into an already difficult purchasing decision. To overcome this challenge, solar installers and salespeople should be prepared to offer solutions that help the homeowner feel at ease.

Here are the keys to ensuring a successful solar and roofing project:

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Sungage FinancialSolar + Roofing: The Keys to Success

Solar + Batteries: Offer Your Customers Peace of Mind

The growing demand for batteries is the latest trend in the home energy revolution. New battery technology is empowering utilities, businesses, and homeowners to store all the clean energy being produced by solar systems. To meet this demand, solar installers should familiarize themselves with the value proposition of batteries for homeowners and how to make the investment affordable.

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Sungage FinancialSolar + Batteries: Offer Your Customers Peace of Mind

Be Smart about SMART

To learn more about the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target program and how eligible homeowners can take advantage of this monthly incentive, take a look at our infographic below.

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Sungage FinancialBe Smart about SMART

What Happens to My Solar System if I Move?

Going solar is great. It saves people money, it’s good for the environment, and it’s the perfect conversation starter for neighborhood block parties.

So why wouldn’t someone go solar?

For some homeowners, the biggest hang-up is uncertainty around a simple question: What happens if I sell my home?

It’s a good question.

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Sungage FinancialWhat Happens to My Solar System if I Move?