Be Smart about SMART

To learn more about the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target program and how eligible homeowners can take advantage of this monthly incentive, take a look at our infographic below.

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Sungage FinancialBe Smart about SMART

What Happens to My Solar System if I Move?

Going solar is great. It saves people money, it’s good for the environment, and it’s the perfect conversation starter for neighborhood block parties.

So why wouldn’t someone go solar?

For some homeowners, the biggest hang-up is uncertainty around a simple question: What happens if I sell my home?

It’s a good question.

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Sungage FinancialWhat Happens to My Solar System if I Move?

Understanding Solar Tax Credits

A benefit of going solar is that many federal and state tax credits are available to homeowners when they purchase a system.

We’ve created an infographic to help make it simpler and easier to understand solar tax credits and the Sungage Solar Loan. This is how it all works:

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Sungage FinancialUnderstanding Solar Tax Credits

What is an NPS Score and Why Does it Matter?

Pop quiz: what is the most cost-effective way to acquire new solar customers?  

If you said referrals, you’re right!

Anyone who has sold solar before knows this intuitively. It is easier and cheaper to build a sales pipeline through customers who are delighted by their experience going solar and spread the word to friends and family. And the data backs it up: according to Greentech Media, customer acquisition costs typically run at $3000 or more; referrals drop that cost to $500 or less.

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Sungage FinancialWhat is an NPS Score and Why Does it Matter?

Solar Loan Funding Models: Why They Matter

Have you ever wondered how your solar financing partners source funds for their loans? Or maybe you’re asking yourself why you should even care? The way your finance partners source their funds can have a direct impact on their ability to provide a trusted and reliable financing service. For example, do you trust that your solar loan partner will expedite your installation and that you’ll always get paid…quickly? Because financing plays such an integral role in the solar sales process, the model used by solar financiers can directly impact the customer experience and, most importantly, the success of your solar business.

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Sungage FinancialSolar Loan Funding Models: Why They Matter